Lamborghini owner seeks legal action after Dubai tourist racks up $46k fines

European tourist who racked up fines after violating speeding limits while driving a Lamborghini Huracan in Dubai is expected to face legal action
The Lamborghini Huracan leased to the tourist. Photo supplied.

The European tourist who racked up fines of AED170,000 ($46,283) in just three hours after violating speeding limits while driving a Lamborghini Huracan in Dubai is expected to face legal action, according to a partner in the car dealership from which he rented the car.

Faris Mohammed Iqbal, a partner in Saeed Ali Rent A Car told Arabian Business he does not plan on returning the tourist’s passport, which remains in his possession as a deposit, until he pays the fines, adding that he plans to file a case against the tourist.

“I won’t give him the passport back until he pays the fines. It’s his responsibility. I’m going to take legal action and file a case against him. It’s not my fault, but now I can’t rent my car, and he won’t pay the fines,” he said, adding that car rental firms are required to pay the amount if consumers fail to do so, or else risk losing the car, which will then be impounded.

The tourist was believed to have been driving the rented supercar, worth AED1.3 million, at a speed of 230-240km/hour between 2:30am to 6am on July 31 on the Sheikh Zayed Road, as well as other roads in Dubai.

Lamborghinis are known for boasting top speeds of up to 350km/h, depending on the model.

The Lamborghini Huracan leased to the tourist. Photo supplied.

Rental companies either request a passport or approximately AED5,000 as deposits for cars, but Iqbal said tourists often gain fines exceeding the amount provided.

“We always take the customers' passports as deposits, because sometimes cash is not enough, especially when we receive a lot of fines on the cars,” he said.

Iqbal recalls a similar situation where a customer received fines of AED60,000, but had paid the amount a few days later.

“It happens a lot, because tourists don’t know the rules here. They’re new so they’re not aware of many driving violations, but we always guide with regards to the speeding cameras and urge them to drive safely and be careful on the road. But they come here to enjoy and drive fast cars. We can’t say anything except, ‘Please don’t drive fast,’” he said.

He added that the company sends drivers a warning if they receive over 10 fines, following which they take back the car. However, because the Lamborghini incident took place after midnight, Iqbal said the firm was unable to alert the driver.

“We were asleep. We couldn’t do anything. We only saw the fines the next day,” he said.

Iqbal urged authorities to introduce laws that would protect car rental companies from similar situations, adding that it is a regular issue they face.

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